Humble Narrative Bundle

This Week’s Humble Bundle Writes the Narrative

This week’s Humble Bundle features seven narrative focused games. Why read books, when you can play them? (You should still real books.)

It’s unfortunate that there are those out there who think that these type of games aren’t really games and should therefore not be called games, but any cheap game is a good game in my book.

How cheap? Pay what you want for Steam Keys and DRM free copies of:

Her Story made waves last year for both its presentation and its story. The game takes place on 90s era desktop, and the goal is to watch a series of clips from a police interview and in the process figure out what’s going on. It’s an interactive mystery.

Read Only Memories is a cyberpunk adventure game set in 2064 and you are struggling journalist who goes on a not-so-whacky adventure with the world’s first sentient robot, Turing. It’s also got puzzles to solve, like those old classic adventure games your dad used to play.

Cibele. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a 19-year-old girl who fell in love over an online game? Well look no further than Cibelle. It chronicles the true story of the game’s designer’s experience meeting a guy while playing Final Fantasy XI. It’s got fairly mixed reviews, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from a game covering this type of subject matter.

After that, you’ll have to beat the current average of $3.90 to unlock the next games:

Broken Age, or as it was once known Double Fine Adventure, is the game that spawned form Double Fine’s massively successful Kickstarter from 2012. The game ended up having some pretty awesome production values, with great art, voice acting, and music. It ended up being split into two parts, and I haven’t gotten around to finishing the second half, but the first half was a delight.

80 Days is a video-game adaptation of Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days, and has been quite successful as a mobile game for about a year before coming to PC last September. Your goal is to make it around the world in eighty days or less, and hopefully survive in the process. The adventure you take is up to you. It’s like a choose your own adventure game.

Sorcery! Parts 1 and 2 is another video game adaption from the Inkle, the people who did 80 days. Only instead of going around the world, this time around, they’re tackling Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! series. The Humble Bundle gets you parts 1 and 2, but there is also a 3rd part that recently came out. So get out there and choose your own fantasy adventure.

Finally, for a flat $10, Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition unlocks. The Shadowrun games have been included in a few humble bundles, but I think this is the first time it’s been Hong Kong. They’re narrative-driven turn-based RPGs, and they’re quite awesome.

I’ve been skipping out on the last few Humble Bundles, but I think I might grab this one. If at least for 80 Days. Overall, if narrative games are up your alley, then the Humble Narrative Bundle will suit you fine.


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