Cannonball Runner

Pick up a Copy of Cannonball Runner and Help Fight Poverty

Simply Addicting’s first game, Cannonball Runner, just went live recently on both Windows and Android, with a iOS version coming shortly enough. The game’s cheap, fun, and best of all, 50% of all revenue will go to help support Children International’s fight against child poverty.

Cannonball Runner a one-button runner where you help a cannonball overcome the many obstacles in life, such as fences and deer, by simply jumping over them. A lot. It’s simple and addicting. One might go as far as to say it’s simply addicting.

If you want to try before you buy, though, Cannonball Runner has a free flash version to check out, but it’s missing both the endless mode and the ability to restart from any level rather than having to start over from the beginning. Other than that, it’s the complete game, just view it as more of a rogue-like than a runner.

But you probably should consider picking up a copy, if only to help support a genuinely awesome charity. Just think of a world where everyone has a smartphone to play Cannonball Runner on.

Oh, and eat, too. Yeah, that should probably be the priority. Smartphones can come second. Or fourth after clothes and shelter. Maybe education, too.

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