Sister Location

Five Nights at Freddy’s is Traveling to Its Sister Location

So I guess FFAF 4 wasn’t the last of the series after all; Scott Cawthon went and changed his mind. He’s now hard at work on a spin off of Five Nights at Freddy’s called Sister Location, due out this fall.

And let me tell you: that is one effective trailer. From the music, to the whispering, to the creepy animatronics. It pretty much nails the atmosphere, and is genuinely creepy.

“Deep below ground where memories sleep anger is restless and secrets don’t keep.”

It seems as though there was never just one Freddy’s, and after spending 4 games at one, we’re off to a Sister Location.

Not many details yet for what the game actually entails , but judging by how Cawthon has iterated on the formula for the first 4, Sister Location probably won’t deviate from the norm too much. I think he’s fairly content with only one FNAF World, which is still freely available to download over at Gamejolt if you so dare.

It’s still fairly interesting to analyze the fandom around FNAF. The games are  immensely popular, now having spawned a total of 6 games (in 3 years). There’s also a novel that Cawthon helped to pen as well as a movie with animatronics created by none other than Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

The success couldn’t have happened to many people more deserving, either. Cawthon has donated a lot of his earnings to charity, and despite how quickly he can crank these babies out, he still seems to care deeply about his craft and the people who play his games.


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