S2 Games Has Gone and Resurrected Savage

Nearly 13 years have passed since Savage: Battle for Newerth came out in 2003, but now developer S2 Games is bringing it back. The game’s out now in early access on Steam.

It’s no surprise if the name doesn’t ring a bell, but for those wondering what the fuss is about, Savage: Battle for Newerth was a genre-bending title that mixed first person shooting with real time strategy. Each team had a commander that orders their minions about, only instead of those minions being soulless husks that stand about until ordered, actual players controlled them. There were RPG elements mixed in, along with base building and upgrading. Savage Resurrection aims to start where the original left off, but it’ll only improve from there. And if Newerth rings a bell, don’t worry, you’re not crazy. S2 games went on to make Heroes of Newerth, the moderately success MOBA, and more recently they created another MOBA called Strife, but I guess now you could say they’ve gone back to their roots.

Savage Resurrection is only in early access, though, but it’s playable, and S2 games will be listening to player feedback and acting accordingly, and have outlined their current plans:

During Early Access we plan to:

  • Work with the community to improve and expand our core gameplay*
  • Enable competitive rating and ranking
  • Add Bots! You can sharpen your skills in practice matches, or they can fill missing player or commander slots in Casual matches
  • Expand our Map offerings
  • Create new, fun, game modes
  • Create new features, as requested by the community
  • Polish and tweak art and interfaces
  • Create desirable cosmetic items

*We decided the best way to create the optimal modern Savage experience was to take Savage 1 as our starting point, then continue developing the game in concert with our community through the Early Access program and beyond.

The game will have microtransactions, but S2 says that Savage Resurrection will not be Pay2Win. It’ll all be purely cosmetic, and will function similar to a lot of other Steams: keys and crates.

I have some fond memories of the original game, so I’m thrilled to see the series resurrected. About the only game to come close to offering the experience that the original Savage gave was Natural Selection, but it was significantly less savage.


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  1. They really need to work on their PR.. No one knows about this i only found out because i googled s2games. They just put out games without any promotion. Is Strife even released yet? Their website isn’t even updated in years…