Overwatch’s Open Beta Numberfied With an Infographic

It’s full steam ahead on the Overwatch hype train. We’re just a few days away from release now, and Blizzard have gone shown us just how explosively popular the game’s open beta was with a nifty infographic.

We already knew that nearly 10 million people participated in the week-long open beta, but that only scratches the surface of the kind of data that Blizzard collected. Average match length was less than 10 minutes across the board, no matter which game mode, which does coincide with a lot of people wishing matches were just a tad bit longer, but there’s something strangely addicting about short matches. They’re like popcorn.

Despite what you may think, Bastion was not one of the most  picked heroes. Nope. That honor went to Soldier 76, Widowmaker, Reinhardt, and Mercy. There’s some pretty good representation across all roles, but as popular as those picks were, people still swapped. Or at least, a few of them did. There were on average 8 swaps per match. Considering how important swapping is to the overall strategy of Overwatch, I certainly hope that number goes up as people grow more skilled at the game.

Speaking of Bastion, he (or she, or it) died 326 million times during the open beta, and Hanzo’s ultimates outnumbered Genji’s, 62 million to 50. Ultimately pretty close, and that does coinciding with Hanzo seeming more popular.

Players also earned over 87 million loot boxes, and if you get 1 loot box per level, and there were roughly 10 million players during the open beta. On average, players almost got to level 9.

Players were also more likely to commend allied players than foes, by quite a bit, 341 million to 72, which made me realize how often I commended a foe over a friendly. It was quite a bit more than never.

Man facts are interesting. I hope Blizzard releases more infographics like these in the future, just so that we can compare them as players evolve.

That and they’re fun to read.



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