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Overwatch’s Next Animated Short, Hero, Speculated to Have a Surprise

Blizzard announced today that the 4th animated short for Overwatch, entitled “Hero,” would premier on their official site this coming Sunday, but might the short also include the reveal of a new character?

As Overwatch’s release looms steadily closer, so too does the forth animated short, “Hero,” which focuses on none other than Soldier 76 as he travels to Dorado on a personal mission. Dorado is, of course, one of the maps in Overwatch, so we know where this short will take place.

Furthermore, if certain rumors are to believed, “Hero,” might also unveil the next Overwatch hero, Sombra. Hints of her can be found elsewhere on the Dorada map itself, and in Gamespot’s The Fall of Titan video.



If the hints and rumors are correct, Sombra will be a support sniper. Details of her kit, including abilities and her ultimate, are still unknown. At the moment, “Hero,” only seems to feature Soldier 76, but all of the other animated shorts have featured two heroes (Recall had Winston and Reaper; Alive had Tracer and Widowmaker; Dragons had Hanzo and Genji.) So it would stand to reason that maybe, just maybe, Soldier 76 will face off against Sombra in Sunday’s animated short. Maybe following that, Sombra will be patched into Overwatch to coincide with its May 24th release. It would also be a really clever play on the title “Hero,” for the short to also reveal a new Overwatch hero.

All this rumor mongering aside, Overwatch will definitely have additional heroes – Blizzard confirmed that themselves months ago – and it seems likely that with the game’s current representation of support heroes – or lack thereof – that Sombra will be among the first additional characters released.

I guess we’ll know for sure soon enough.

It’s also worth mentioning that the announcement post refers to “Hero” as the last short of the season. So more shorts will be coming… eventually.

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