Get Ready to Make Halo 5 Maps on Windows 10

343 Industries announced today that later this year, Halo 5’s map editing tool, the Forge, would be available freely on Windows 10.

When the Forge opens its doors on Windows 10, it will come equipped with some new features to help it acclimate to the new environment:

Keyboard & Mouse Support – For the first time ever, Forgers will have the option of using a keyboard & mouse allowing for more precision and control than ever before.

Increased Resolution – Support for multiple resolutions including 4k.

Test and Play with Friends – Enlist the help of Friends to help build, test, and play your Forge creations on Windows 10.

Build on Windows 10 and Publish to Xbox One – Experiences built on Windows 10 can be published to and played on Xbox One, opening the doors for countless new experiences to be enjoyed by players all over the world.

It’s pretty easy to see how much simpler making maps will be when using keyboard and mouse over a controller. What’s perhaps more interesting is that now only can you build Halo 5 maps on Windows 10, but you can test and play them with friends. I mean, that’s basically Halo 5 on PC, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, not really, and before anyone gets excited that this might be an indicator that Halo 5 might make its way to PC sooner rather than later, best not to get your hopes up. Halo is and always will be a system seller for Microsoft. In the event that a Halo game ever does surface on the PC, assume it’ll be a few years removed. Maybe when Halo 7 rolls around, we can start getting excited at the potential of seeing Halo 5 on PC.

It doesn’t hurt to hope though. Anything is possible, and with the way Microsoft has been making an effort in unifying Windows 10 and the Xbox One, it’s more possible now than it was a year ago.

Still, though, we’ll probably see every other Xbox One game on PC before we see Halo 5.

But now at least you can run around half-made maps with you and a coterie of friends.

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