This Week’s Humble Bundle is as Deep as it is Silver

This Week’s Humble Bundle is as Deep as it is Silver

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Publisher Deep Silver takes to this week’s Humble Bundle, offering up a smorgasbord of games, from the maligned Sacred 3 to the celebrated Saints Row 3.

The Humble Deep Silver Bundle features ten total games, with none hidden to be unlocked next week. What you see is what you’ll get, now and forever.

For at least a dollar though, you can snag copies of:

Sacred 3 Gold, which has the honor of perhaps being one of the worst received games on Steam. Only 20% of its user reviews are positive. That’s impressive. Its Metacritic score is 57, though, so as far away as it is from previous Sacred games, there might be some enjoyment to derive from it for a mere $1.

Risen & Risen 2: Dark Waters. The Risen games are the spiritual successors to the classic Gothic RPGs. The bundle will give you all 3, but only the first two are available in the dollar tier, which might be a positive note, because the first Risen game is easily the best one. 2 isn’t a complete write-off, though, and it has pirate trappings going for it. Everyone loves pirates.

Saints Row 2 hails from an era prior to when the Saints Row series went completely off the rails. Saints Row 2 is the closest the series came to being a true Grand Theft Auto clone. It’s still got a fair bit of humor, but it still tries to be reasonably grounded in reality. The PC port, however, leaves something to be desired, but there are fixes if you possess the gumption.

The Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition is a halfway decent open world RPG where you smash zombie heads with pool cues. It was, however, outclassed in almost every regard by Dying Light, but that doesn’t mean Dead Island is bad, just that its follow-up is better. It’s also worth noting that in 2 weeks, a definitive edition of Dead Island comes out, compete with HD graphics and other improvements. Owning the original Dead Island gets you 85% off the definitive edition. Maybe that’s of interest to you. Maybe it’s not. Who am I to say one way or the other.

Then, for beating the current average of 3.49, we add three more games to the bundle:

Dead Island: Riptide – Complete Edition. Let me tell you a story. A couple years back, Dead Island: Riptide had a free weekend. During this time, myself and a friend played through the entire game from beginning to end. The whole while there were constant musings of, “What are we doing with our lives?” “Are we really this sad?” “What is wrong with us?” Tears were shed, zombies were run over by poorly controlling boats. It was memorable. That’s all I’ll say.

Killer is Dead – Nightmare Edition. If you haven’t heard of SUDA51 just know that he’s a Japanese game designer that makes weird-ass games. Killer is Dead is a hyper-stylized action game. There’s a story, but don’t expect to fully grasp what it’s about or what’s going on. There’s action, too, and it’s fun.

Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package. This is when Saints Row started to go off the rails in the best way possible. The Full Package contains the base game as well as all the DLC.

Finally, for $13, we add two more games to the Bundle. If the low cost of the current average is any indication, then you know you’re in for a good time.

Saints Row IV has only the base game. So if you want the DLC, you’ll have to buy it separately. Saints Row IV continues where 3 left off. It continues being over the top great, and forgoes crazy tropes like vehicles and traveling in them for flying around like a super hero. I liked Saints Row IV well enough, but it convinced me that sometimes collectibles just suck.

Finally, we have Risen 3 – Titan Lord. Risen 2 and 3 are odd ducks. There’s something to them, but not everyone who plays either game can always find that something. You’re welcome to try, though. Don’t let me steer you otherwise.

That’s the Humble Deep Silver Bundle. There are a few decent games buried in here. Notably Saints Row, Killer is Dead, and the first Dead Island. If you don’t already have those games, or want to test your mettle against the Risen series, then go for it.



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