The Road to Battlefield 1 Continues With BF4’s Final Stand DLC for Free

EA is pulling out all the stops for Battlefield 1; its announcement trailer is one of the most liked videos on Youtube. They’re making sure that the hype machine is primed and ready. What better way to do that than to offer free DLC? This time it’s Final Stand for BF4.

Following in the wake of Battlefield 4’s Dragon’s Teeth expansion being given away free a couple weeks ago (that was a limited deal that has now come and gone), EA is now offering up the Final Stand expansion. You have from today until May 24th to take advantage of this offer across all platforms. As was the case previously, anyone who doesn’t yet own Battlefield 4 can still “buy” the DLC for 0.00, have it credited to their account, and have access to the maps in the event they one day pick up Battlefield 4.

Personally, Final Stand was my favorite DLC. It took place in the near future, bringing the gap between BF4 and Battlefield 2142. Hidden on a couple of the maps is a Railgun, and there are (admittedly poor-controlling) hovertanks, and in the hangers of one of the maps you can find hidden prototypes of the mechs in 2142. You can’t pilot them or anything, but they’re there.

Other than that, three of the maps feature snowy environments, and the last one takes place in the rural Russian Karelia.

Unlike the last freebie, only BF4 DLC seems available for free this time around. No love for Hardline, which seems to be the prevailing trend across all the internet.

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