What Say the Critics About Nvidia’s 1080

What Say the Critics About Nvidia’s 1080

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The Founder’s Edition of Nvidia’s new Pascal card starts shipping in ten short days. In the meantime, though, you can gorge yourself on the many 1080 reviews for the card that dropped today.

As expected, the card is a power house. Most benchmarks put it at roughly 25% faster than the 980 Ti, and it even gives the Titan X a run for its money. Of course, this is all regarding the expensive $700 Founders Edition of the card. There’s a good chance that not only will the partner cards with aftermarket coolers from companies like EVGA and Gigabyte be cheaper, they might also be better at overclocking. There are also some concerns that the cards might be bottle necked by their memory bandwidth when concerning overclocking, but that’s really only a concern for GPU enthusiasts out there.

One of the most impressive things seen in the 1080 reviews is not necessarily how fast the card is, but its energy efficiency. The card is cool, quiet, and won’t run up your electric bill by orders of magnitude if you decide to mine cryptocurencies with it 24/7. Don’t do that, though, you silly goose. Play video games instead.

Despite how fast the 1080 seems, I’d still recommend waiting for these aftermarket cards to come out in the weeks to come. These “Founders Edition” cards won’t be any better than those. You’re just paying extra to get it early. And if you already have a 980 Ti, the upgrade might not be worth it at all unless you absolutely have to stay at the forefront of graphics technology.

The real winner might end up being the 1070, but the review embargo for that card hasn’t lifted yet and probably won’t for another couple weeks. It doesn’t launch until June 10th, but it’ll also likely to be really fast – although obviously not as fast as the 1080. It will, however, be $150 cheaper.

And if you’re a really savvy shopper, you might want to hold out and see how well the next AMD cards stack up against Pascal.


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