Latest Overwatch Animated Short Lets the Dragon Consume You

We are now one mere week away from Overwatch’s release, and is yet it again time for another animated short. This one focuses on the Shimada brothers, Hanzo and Genji, in “Dragons.”

The animated shorts continue to impress. I think I still prefer the 2nd one, “Alive,” but “Dragons” comes in a close second. It doesn’t exactly reveal anything major that wasn’t already readily available in Blizzard’s official writings for the game, but it’s still cool two see the two brothers’ conflict put into motion. I guess there is one slight reveal: a glimpse of Genji’s face. It seems that may be more human under there than machine. It’s also nice to see that each of the cinematics continue to take place on a different multiplayer map. “Dragons” features Hanamura, which gets the distinguished honor of being my least favorite map. Artistically, though, it’s still pretty great.

At the end of the short, Genji urges Hanzo to pick a side, which makes me hope that Blizzard isn’t just setting all this up without plans of following through at some point. Either through more animated shorts or comics, or maybe even – fingers crossed – in game events. That’s probably not something that we’d see in the game for months if not years to come. Even more animated shorts would take some time, especially with as long as it takes for Blizzard’s cinematics department to create these and other movies, as evidenced by damage on the Hanamura map that reflects what happens in this video.

Blizzard had previously said that there’d be two more animated shorts prior to launch. This one, and another. So expect to see the final animated short soon, probably next Monday if I had to guess.

Till then try watching all three shorts at once and see if there are any hidden messages to glean.

You know you want to.

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