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Latest Dark Souls 3 PC Hotfix Does More Harm than Good

Yesterday’s Dark Souls 3 PC hotfix, meant to alleviate some of the exploits found in PvP, has seemingly done that and more for some players.

Since patch 1.04.1 went live on Steam yesterday, countless unkindled have reported their otherwise acceptable performance becoming not-so-acceptable. The game on certain systems now has a tendency to stutter seconds at a time, in both solo play, or during co-op and invasions. Something From Software did in order to alleviate the online exploits (listed below in the patch notes) has had adverse affects for those playing the game. Some users seem to think the stuttering is being caused by hardware temporarily going into idle mode repeatedly.

Before, invasions not only had an impact on stress levels of the player (mostly for fear of getting banned due to another player’s hacks), but also performance in general. A few of the invasions I encountered caused my framerate to cut in half until one of us was dead. That might just be the game’s Peer2Peer system compensating for another player running the game on a potato cluster.

From Software is aware of the issues and are working to resolve them.

They’ve been pretty on-the-ball with patches so far, but be mindful if you’re planning to go spelunking. Dark Souls 3 seems to have added another layer to player frustration.

As for me, this PC hotfix, if all else, reminds me that I really should get back to the game and actually beat it.

Solved the following issues you may encounter in the Online Mode:
* Being sent immediately to your world
* Being sent to the Firelink Shrine
* Being changed in full Dragon Body Status

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