Great War Youtube Channel Analyzes Battlefield 1 Trailer

Great War Youtube Channel Analyzes Battlefield 1 Trailer

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I bet you watched the announcement trailer for Battlefield 1 and thought to yourself, “Jeez, I wonder how accurate DICE is being? Too bad I’m not a World War I specialist.” Lucky you, a Youtube channel covering nothing but the Great War took time (fifteen full minutes to be exact) to analyze the accuracy of what’s show in the Battlefield 1 announcement trailer.

As it turns out, a lot of what’s depicted is actually quite accurate. At least in a broad sense. DICE has definitely taken plenty of liberties, but there are only a handful of things in the trailer that are completely unlikely. And some aspects of the trailer can be chalked up to Battlefield 1 still being a work in progress. The biggest differences have to do with primarily clothing and gear. Some stuff was never warn, and other pieces of gear might not have appeared on the type of soldier depicted in the trailer. A lot of this can be attributed to both aesthetic choices to make the game look cool (which it most certainly does), and possible multiplayer customization.

And that machine gunner seen near the beginning of the trailer wearing what could best be described as medieval knight’s armor? Yeah, nobody wore anything like that during World War I. The body armor they did wear was much bulkier and nobody wore a helmet like that. I suppose there might’ve been some random blacksmith who brought his own armor to the war for the thrill of it. Who knows.

Of course nobody – myself included – expected DICE to be sticklers for pinpoint accuracy. I highly doubt the Great War was exciting as they make it out to seem in the trailer. Unless you like sitting in a trench for hours on end. They’re making a video game not a documentary, and even more liberties can be taken in mulitplayer. That’ll be a big mosh pit of soldiers from all sorts of nations fighting on random fronts. It’ll quite the… battlefield.


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