Nearly 10 Million People Played Overwatch During the Open Beta

Nearly 10 Million People Played Overwatch During the Open Beta

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Well, it’s official. Overwatch is going to be huge, but I don’t think that’s surprising news to many. People have been clamoring for Blizzard’s latest game – and their first shooter – since it was announced back in 2014.

What’s perhaps more surprising than the fact the open beta drew in almost 10 million players is that the servers remained rock solid (aside from a handful of negligible hiccups) for the entire duration. This bodes well for the official launch on May 24th. With any luck we won’t have a repeat of Diablo 3’s launch four years ago, but we’ll find that out first hand in twelve short days.

Of course the numbers were helped by the fact that open beta spanned all three consoles, PC, Xbox One, and PS4. I’d be curious to hear the breakdown between platforms. Considering Blizzard’s PC heritage, I wouldn’t be surprised if more people played the open beta on PC than the consoles.

The press release dolled out some other interesting bits of info. Players clocked in over 4.9 billion minutes playing the game (81 million hours), and there were more than 37 million matches played during the week of open beta.

Since writing up my initial opinions on the closed beta back in March, my opinion has only solidified. The game’s just plain fun. Even if there are still some concerns I hope to see rectified prior to the game’s release. The netcode is still my biggest issue, and I really hope Blizzard finds a way to up the tickrate from 20 MHz to 60 MHz in quick match (and eventually competitive). After playing a few custom games (where a 60 MHz option is available) with friends, the difference is definitely noticeable. It would at least help with reaction time every time an enemy hero does their ultimate voice line. It’s so important being able to react when you hear an enemy McCree say, “It’s high noon.”

Then of course you have Pharah. No amount of reaction time can help you avoid that.


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