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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Coming to Steam Tomorrow

Today, though, Square Enix took to Twitch today to show off the PC version of their lauded RPG, Final Fantasy X/X-2, and along the way, revealed some details about the PC port.

The bad news? The game seems to be locked at 30fps. It’s unclear if industrious modders can unlock the framerate, or if doing so will break the game. The game is also dual language, either English or Japanese, but you can’t combine the two. There’s no Japanese language with English subtitles and UI, or visa versa.

The game does appear to have a full range of graphics options, though, from ambient occlusion to texture quality to color correction. So perhaps the choice to limit the game to 30 fps had more to do with engine limitations than Square Enix pumping out a lazy port.

The game will also feature a full set of gameplay options for those more concerned with playing through the story than playing through the game. You can increase or decrease the encounter frequency, and you can choose to max out consumables, gil, and skills.

Most important of all, though, is that game, which is in essence 2 games, will retail for $29.99. $15 for both Final Fantasy X and X-2 seems like a pretty great bargain, especially considering they’re HD remasters, even though they’re probably ported from the PS3 version that came out a few years back.

We’ll have to see how the thing runs once it’s out, but aside from the 30 FPS lock, looks like we’ve got a fairly solid port on our hands.

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