Check Out This Neat BB-8/Star Wars Themed Xbox One Laptop, the Xbook

Check Out This Neat BB-8/Star Wars Themed Xbox One Laptop, the Xbook

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May the 4th has come and gone, but thanks mostly to Disney, and Star Wars fandom in general, every day these days is May the 4th. So happy May the 4th everyone!

Eddie Zarick has been making these cool custom mods for consoles for a while now. His latest one is a BB-8 Xbox One laptop, or as he likes to call it, an Xbook One. He’s also made a few Playstation 4 laptops that he’s christened the Playbook.

You know me; I’m a sucker for anything that lights up, and Star Wars, and custom builds. Ed’s Youtube channel has a bunch of videos on builds similar to this, and builds completely dissimilar, and all the builds all together. Builds for days.

Also featured in the video is his custom-made BB-8 Droid, which is impressively true to the original. Eddie’s got a separate video on that build.

It’s not a super easy build, but if you want to create a BB-8 of your own, Ed’s got you covered with a full guide.

Feel free to read more about the Xbooks in general, or Ed’s other projects.


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