Disney Saying Goodbye to Infinity and Developer Avalanche

As it turns out, Disney Infinity isn’t as infinite as we’d expected. Disney announced today that it was putting the axe to not only Infinity, but first-party game publishing all together. They’ve also chosen to close the studio behind infinity, Avalanche (not the Just Cause people).

Disney Infinity first hit shelves in 2013, and the original goal was to create a new version every year. They’d made it as far as 3.0, but 4.0 wasn’t going to arrive this year, and now it’s not arriving at all. In March, despite slowing development of Infinity, Disney stated they were still behind Infinity 100% and beyond, but apparently the franchise wasn’t as successful as they’d hoped, as their most recent earnings call reveals, resulting in a $147 million charge.

There are still two more releases coming before the lights go out. Three characters from Alice Through the Looking Glass are coming later this month, and next month, a playset based upon Pixar’s Finding Dory will also be released. After that, feel free to create your own playsets from future Disney endeavors using your imagination. The studio was working on a Rogue One playset, but that’s now never going to happen.

As said, they’ll also be shuttering Avalanche Software, the 20-year-old studio behind Disney Infinity. The media giant will be trying to find other internal positions for those affected, so that’s a plus. While Disney will be pulling out of first-party publishing all together, that shouldn’t have much of an impact on the work of EA and other 3rd party partners working on Disney-licensed games.

As for the toys-to-life genre in general, that still seems to be going strong. People love Nintendo’s amiibos, and the 6th Skylanders game is set to release later this year. I suppose customers are only willing to buy so many figures before they’re figured out. It’s a shame. Disney Infinity, on the software side, was a pretty awesome platform, and now it’s only a matter of time before Disney shuts down whatever servers keep it up and running.

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