What Say the Critics about Stellaris

Paradox is back with another grand strategy game. Only this time, instead of crusading kings, you’ll be stelling larises in Stellaris, a strategy game with space exploration at its core.

Paradox’s strategy games aren’t for everyone, but for those that adore them, Stellaris seems to be just up their alley. The game’s currently sitting at a 79 on Metacritic. On OpenCritic, it’s at 80, and on Steam, it’s 93% positive from over 550 reviews.

Oddly enough, the lowest score currently comes from none other than IGN, with a 6.3, saying that after a promising start, the game slows down significantly once you reach mid game and devolves into a slog. But the reviewer, Rowan Kaiser, reiterates that Paradox, if anything, is known for supporting their games years after they came out. So he’s hopeful that once a few patches and expansions are out that Stellaris will reach its full potential

Most other critics are nearly as harsh. In fact, most of them seem quite taken with Stellaris.

Even more oddly enough, one of the most glowing reviews comes from none other than IGN… Italy. They scored it a 9.3 and said: “This ain’t your grandfather’s space strategy game. Stellaris opens up a whole new perspective on galactic conquest, and in doing so sets the bar for the genre for years to come.”

PC Gamer scored the game a 70/100 and said many the same things as the IGN review. It’s got potential, and knowing Paradox, it’ll one day see it fulfilled.

Most of the other reviews are positive, putting Stellaris alongside alongside Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings II as yet another great Paradox grand strategy game.

It is worth noting that unlike most grand strategy games, Stellaris is in fact a real time strategy game and not a turn based one. This isn’t an APM-focused StarCraft clone, though. The pace of the game is still slow, it just happens to play out in real time instead of turn by turn.

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