Guild Wars 2: Arenanet Outlines Plans to Improve WvW Scoring

World Vs World (WvW) is Guild Wars 2’s battleground of combat on a massive scale. Each week, it pits three worlds (or servers) against each other, and they battle to capture territory. Unfortunately, though, WvW has sat largely dormant for the past year or so as development focused instead on the expansion and living world content. That’s soon to change. Today, Arenanet outlined the first phase of their plans to improve WvW.

As it stands now, most match ups are decided shortly after they begin. One world pulls ahead of the others in score and simply stays there for the entire week, leaving the other two realms left in the dust. Compounding this issue, the best time to gain score in WvW is during the night while everyone else is asleep. Small groups can run around and capture bases while racking up the points with little to no resistance. To help this issue, Arenanet is planning to break up the week-long battle into repeating two hour skirmishes. During these two hour periods, players can run around and capture as much as they like, stealing bases from other worlds and defending their own bases, earning war score all the while.

At the end of the two hour period, the three realms will receive victory points based on their total war score during the skirmish. The amount of these points isn’t set in stone, but the designers are thinking along the lines of “3/2/1, 2/1/0, and 5/3/1.” Arenanet also want to increase the amount of war score earned from killing players and disrupting supply lines. Those activities account for such a small percentage of overall war score that Arenanet feels as though they can increase the amount without upsetting the balance. The addition of victory points will help to keep the three worlds closer in overall score and allow comebacks to actually happen. With any luck, WvW victories will no longer be decided shortly after they begin. To help comebacks happen even more, Arenanet plans to institute a Last Stand during the final day of WvW battling. Victory points during the Last Stand will be multiplied. How large these multipliers are wasn’t specified, and are likely up in the air. Make the points earned through Last Stand too great, and it’ll make engaging in WvW any other day of the week pointless. Make the multiplier too small, and coming back from losing will be insurmountable.

Furthermore, skirmishes during prime-time will grant more victory points than skirmishes during the dead of night while everyone is asleep. At the moment, “prime time” will be dictated by server populations. The six hours that WvW sees the most activity will be flagged as prime time. It’d be nice if the system acted more organically, because now there’s far less incentive to engage in WvW outside of these six hours. Hopefully it’s not the same six hours each and every day. I imagine prime time on the weekends is different from prime time during the weekdays, but everything is up in the air. These WvW changes are still in their infancy.

If Arenanet can make the WvW battles more fair, and less one-sided, then that’ll allow them to make the rewards more worthwhile. This is all still in the conceptual stages, and Arenanet is open to feedback, so don’t hesitate to voice your opinions. It might be a few months before any of this is live, but considering how long WvW has remained stagnant, a few more months isn’t going to hurt it.

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