Rocket League is Part of the June Humble Monthly Bundle

Rocket League is Part of the June Humble Monthly Bundle

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Starting today, subscribing to Humble Monthly will allow you to snag a copy of Rocket League immediately. The rest of the bundle arrives June 3rd. Chances are most of the internet owns Rocket League by now, especially considering what a smash hit it was, but if you haven’t, now’s your chance to grab it as well as whatever else is in the June bundle for $12.

As for the May bundle? That’s come and gone. Mad Max was the early unlocks for that one, and of course none of the other games were as big as that one, but a few of the other 8 games come close. Those games? In addition to Mad Max, there’s also: Infinifactory, Crawl, Galak-Z, JumpJet Rex, Fran Bow, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, 1993 Space Machine, Gunmetal Arcadia Zero (Humble Original).

Personally, I’ve had my eye Crawl, Galak-Z, and Oddworld since they came out, so I was pleased with the bundle from the onset. I’m still waiting for Crawl to get online multiplayer support (it’s local co-op only right now), but Galak-Z and Oddworld are both great.

Well, Galak-Z is flawed, but great. Evidently it launched it a rather incomplete state, and thanks to not selling too well, the team at 17-bit had to basically scrap their plans to finish their game and instead unleash a free update entitled The Void that at least puts some minor close on the game. That’s unfortunate, but what’s there in Galak-Z is a pretty rad side-scrolling shooter with some well-done 70s anime trappings.

Oddworld however is a faithful remake of a classic platformer.

Crawl is a 4-person co-op game where one person plays the dungeoneer, and everyone else plays the monsters trying to kill him. It’s local-only, and like I said, I’ve been waiting patiently for it to get online support so that I can play with my oodles of internet friends.

Much of the other games seem pretty good, too, Infinifactory specifically. That’s a sandbox puzzle game where you manage a factory to build items for alien overlords.

Fran Bow is a great looking adventure game with a creepy aesthetic. It focuses on a young girl who witnessed a traumatic event, and now struggles with a mental disorder.

1993 Space Machine is literally a game from 1993, found on a floppy and ported to PC. It’s originally intended as an Amiga game, but it never released. Looks like a healthy dose of nostalgia.

JumpJet Rex is a simple platformer where featuring a T-Rex with jump jets.

The Humble Original, Gunmetal Arcadia Zero, is a sidescrolling platformer that looks like it was made in 1993, but isn’t.

I may fool around with a few of these games, but I have every intention of diving into at least Galak-Z and Oddworld, and I’m glad I now own Crawl in the event it ever receives online multiplayer.



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