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Go Back to the Trenches in Battlefield 1

Are you ready to get dirt in your shoes, and mustard gas in your lungs? The next Battlefield game, revealed today and arriving October 21st, might be just up your alley.

That’s right, Battlefield 1 takes us back to World War I. I for one quite like the name. Most people refer to the first Battlefield as 1942, so there shouldn’t be much confusion with calling this game Battlefield 1, since it does refer directly to WWI. The setting should easily appease anyone who’d grown sick of both modern day shooters and futuristic ones. It’s still a step removed from World War II, and features stuff like mounted Calvary and what appears to basically be metal-plated machine gunners. Not to mention Zeppelins and aircraft with propellers instead of jets. World War I took place during an interesting transitional period between traditional combat and the shift to more mechanized means. A lot of soldiers carried around maces in order to bash in those skulls. I know a lot of people were hoping to a follow up for Battlefield 2142, but setting the game during WWI is an even better idea. Few games have gone down that path.

The reveal trailer does a great job of setting the stage and showing off how colorful the game actually is, with a lot of shots taking place in the Arabian desert, and lush green forests. It’s hard to discern what’s taken from the single player campaign and what’s multiplayer footage. There’s a chance most if not all of it is from the single player.

The official blog post sheds a few more details on the game. 64-player battles return in the multiplayer. The game will feature battles across the land, air, and sea, and destruction will be taken up a notch.

Attendees of EA Play in June will have the chance to play the game for themselves, with a beta coming in the following months. As expected, those subscribed to EA/Origin Access will get the chance to play the game for a limited time prior to its release, and if you’re super-duper gung ho for Battlefield 1, you can drop $79.99 on the deluxe edition in order to play the game 3 days early.

Let’s just hope that EA DICE have learned from their mistakes with Battlefield 4 and launch the game in a polished, unbroken state. Battlefront was fine, from a polish standpoint, so I suspect Battlefield 1 will follow suit, but you never know.


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