Spring Sale

The Humble Store’s Spring Sale is Live

It’s time for discounts. A lot of discounts. Woo, discounts. A lot of what’s available through the Humble Store during the spring sale is receiving a discount of some degree, or most likely will be over the next 2 weeks.

The daily deal today is Darkest Dungeon, the dungeon crawling RPG/Rogue-lite. It spent some time in early access, evolved nicely, and finally came out back in January. It’s a great game, but the discount is only 25%

If heavy discounts are your thing, you can browse all the biggest ones available in the sale.

The ones that immediately jump out to me that might be worth attention depending on your tastes are:

Sir You Are Being Hunted, a first person survival/stealth game. Where you evade robots and scavenge for tools to blow their heads off. That’s $1.99.

If you feel like reliving a classic, the original Postal is only .49. Controversy, ho! If that tickles your fancy enough, Postal 2 is $1.49. That game recently started to get updates again, including a paid expansion that’s also on sale for $1.49.

Eldritch, the Lovecraftian dungeon-crawling first person rogue-like. That’s only $1.49.

The remake of the classic Shadowgate is only $2.99. That’s point and click adventuring at its finest.

Those are only a few of the cheaper games that caught my eye.

Some of the other stuff that might be of interest is Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin for $19.99, or the first Dark Souls for $4.99.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, a beautiful mystery game is only $5.99.

If you need a One Piece fix, Pirate Warriors 3, which is basically a Dynasty Warriors clone, is a mere $16.99.

These are really just the tip of the iceberg. Virtually all the games require Steam, but that’s the world we live in innit?

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