Star Wars

Titanfall Developer, Respawn, Making a Star Wars Game

The game’s still in its infancy, and all the announcement could reveal was that it would be a 3rd person action/adventure game set in the Star Wars universe.

That’s interesting enough on its own, though. Respawn cut their teeth with Call of Duty, and then Infinity Ward fractured and the team went on to Respawn and make Titafall. First person shooters are their forte. They’re going down a different route here. Fortunately they have a pretty seasoned 3rd person action/adventure creator at the helm, Stig Asmussen. He was instrumental in the God of War series, and even directed God of War 3. So with him helping to shape the game, there’s plenty of potential there for something great.

This marks the 3rd game to come out of EA since they partnered with Disney for all things Star Wars. First came Battlefront, and Visceral is working on their own third person Star Wars game with Amy Hennig that I suspect will be more like Uncharted, and now we have Respawn creating another 3rd person action/adventure game with the guy who directed God of War 3.

Let’s just hope that we play as some Jedi performing all swords of lightsaber combos and upgrading the crystals in the hilt. Maybe have different lightsabers, too. A slow big one, a double-bladed staff, and maybe dual-wielded faster attacking lightsabers. At least that’s what I envision when I think of a 3rd person action/adventure Star Wars game similar to God of War.

Let’s just hope Respawn can come up with a better name for their game than The God of Star Wars.

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