Far Harbor

Take a Brief Yet Close Look at Fallout 4’s Far Harbor

The next – and largest – addon for Fallout 4, Far Harbor, is set to release in 2 short weeks, and today Bethesda showed off the first glimpse of the new island.

If the trailer is any indication, Far Harbor takes the player character to a swampy landmass, complete with a fishing village. Yeah, it’s basically Point Lookout 2. Point Lookout was one of Fallout 3’s best DLCs, so to have the largest addons for Fallout 4 be an new island that appears strikingly similar to Point Lookout isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There’s also a missing girl – there’s always a missing girl – and in searching for her, we instead find crazed atom cultists – there are always crazed cultists. I do sense a distinct lack of hillbillies, which has me more than a little disappointed, but I do suppose that sacrifices must always be made.

At least Nick Valentine appears to be making a return. His voice actor – Stephen Russel – was just revealed to be voicing Corvo Attano in Dishonored 2. He’s quickly becoming Bethesda’s Nolan North. Who will they find to be their Troy Baker is what I want to know.

The only thing that could make Far Harbor better – in theory – is if it took the player back to Morrowind instead, and not Point Lookout.

Far Harbor arrives on May 19th, across all three platforms (Xbox One, PS4, PC), and retails for $24.99 (or part of the season pass)


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