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Feast Your Eyes on Some Eye Candy in This Week’s Humble Bundle

The Humble Eye Candy Bundle comes to us this week, featuring seven “good looking” games.

The games featured aren’t necessary graphical powerhouses. There are no Cryengine games here, and most of them aren’t 3D either, but in terms of pleasant-looking 2D games, the bundle’s got you covered.

Pay what you want for the following three games:

Human Resource Machine, a great little strategy game that will also teach you basic programming.

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut. Seems like Shantae games have been regularly included in bundles recently, and for good reason. They’re great little platform games.

A Boy and His Blob is a puzzle/platformer featuring a boy and his blog, and it looks good to boot.

After that, pay at least the current average of $4.39 for:

Mini Metro is a simulation/strategy game in which you create a subway system for a growing city. The entire game looks like the subway lines that you find on maps, and in fact has a pretty good look about it. One may even go as far as to call it eye candy.

Mushroom 11 is a platformer with an interesting hook. You morph an amorphous blob into any shape you need to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Who doesn’t love amorphous blobs. The boy above definitely does.

Towerfall Ascension is a local co-op (no online multiplayer here) action platformer. You get some friends together, you kill each other, and you most likely have fun and make enemies. There’s also a $10 expansion that doesn’t seem to be included in the bundle.

Finally, for a flat $10, you can add to the bundle a copy of Evoland 2. This RPG evolves as you play it. It goes from 2D, to fancy 2D, to 3D, etc. The game’s plot is based on timetravel, and it seems to be a great evolution over the original Evoland.

The Humble Eye Candy Bundle includes some great games. Only a handful could be considered to have eye candy, but I figure at this point Humble Bundle is starting to run out of names for their bundles.


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