EA Gearing Up For Battlefield 5 by Giving Away BF4/BFH DLC

In three days, EA is going to be pulling back the curtain on 2016’s Battlefield. Until then, you can keep yourself busy with free DLC for both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline.

EA specifies that over the next few months they’ll be giving away even more DLC, but to get everyone started today, they’re offering up Dragon’s Teeth for Battlefield 4, and Robbery for Battlefield Hardline. Those links are for the PC/Origin downloads, but you can find links to the other platforms on the main hub site. It’s worth noting that whether or not you own either of the Battlefields, you can claim the DLCs, and they’ll be there in the event you pick up either game at a later time.

Hardline is definitely worth skipping, but Battlefield 4 is a genuinely great game, made even greater by 2 full years of awesome support from DICE LA. They took a broken mess and turned it into a, well, finished product, but support didn’t end there. Now it’s arguably better than BF3.

This Road to Battlefield will also be featuring community events to get, presumably, even more Battlepacks that you’ll eventually be swimming in. These are community challenges, and this time around, if the community in BF4 scores 2.5 million Melee Kills, everyone will get a Gold Battlepack. Alternatively, the Hardline community mission is to score 300,000 in Heist mode for the same reward. Nothing too fancy, but it’ll keep you busy while you’re checking out the new DLC.

Check the hub site again next week for another community event, for another Gold Battlepack. Chances are we’ll have to wait until at least June for more free DLC, though.

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