Overwatch Open Beta

The Overwatch Open Beta Starts Soon, So Here’s a Trailer

For those who prepurchased the game prior to April 29th, the Overwatch Open Beta is opening tonight and will run until the 9th. For those that didn’t prepurchase, the open beta starts on the 5th.

Either way, here’s a trailer, featuring the game’s lovable gorilla scientist, Winston.

Don’t try to pull too much context for this. While there’s plenty of context outside of the game, with the war, and the heroes, and the events depicted in the digital shorts, in game, you’re just killing each other for the fun of it. Heroes in the trailers, such a Roadhog and Junkrat, are technically villains in the lore, same with Reaper.

But such is the way of character-driven online shooters. If Overwatch were good vs evil, the game would have to be asynchronous, which would require a lot more effort to balance. Unless you have a simpe reskins, and have a good Overwatch agent with a hook instead of Roadhog, but that would require even more effort from the art department to solve a problem that’s more easily solved by not having the game be good vs evil.

Blizzard themselves have said that what goes on in the game it’s exactly cannon, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun, because it is, even if there are a few issues that concern me.

Blizzard has been going all out, though, in terms of fleshing out the game’s backstory. In addition to Recall and Alive, expect two more digital shorts before the games launches officially on May 24th. There have also been a couple digital comics, McCree and Reinhardt. Expect more of those, too. Let’s hope that Blizzard doesn’t left up with these this type of content once the game goes live.

For specific start times for both the Overwatch Open Beta and the early access across the globe, Blizzard has you covered.



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