Infinite Warfare

Infinite Warfare: Call of Duty Going to Infinity and Beyond

Activision spent the weekend teasing the latest Call of Duty game, and today they revealed it: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, oh and the Modern Warfare Remaster.

As rumored, Infinite Warfare will in fact take you to the stars, or at the very least, low Earth orbit. The crux of the story seems to be defending Earth from the Settlement Defense Front. Presumably, the SDF are some Earthlings who went off into space in search for a better life, found it, and have now decided to rub it in our faces.

The reveal kicked off on Saturday with this teaser:

The bald guy seems to be the game’s antagonist, and leader of the Settlement Defense Front. The full reveal reveals (hehe) a little more about the game’s story and setting:

It sure seems that the game is basically telling the story of a war for independence between Earth and the SDF. The trailer is pretty effective, with a riffin’ cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity. We’ll have to see if the game itself lives up to the tone set in the trailer. Infinite Warfare is of course the 3rd Call of Duty from Infinity Ward since the franchise’s fathers, West and Zampella, went off to create Respawn Entertainment, taking much of Infinity Ward’s key talent with them. Since then, neither Neither Modern Warfare 3 or Ghosts were well received. We’ll know come November 4th whether Infinite Warfare follows the same suit.

As for Modern Warfare Remastered (just the first game; no word on the trilogy), anyone who preorders the legacy edition gets Modern Warfare remastered. There’s a few scenes from that tucked away at the end of the trailer. The game certainly looks remastered,  far better than it did in 2007, at least.

Activision Support has a few more details about the Remaster, including that – at the moment – the game will only be available bundled with Infinite Warfare. Perhaps they’re uncertain about the quality of this year’s Call of Duty, or at least they know that players will have their doubts, and they’re bundling everyone’s favorite Call of Duty as an extra incentive. Activision would be silly not to sell the Modern Warfare Remaster separately at some point.

We also know that the Remaster is being developed by Raven Software, will feature 10 fan-favorite multiplayer maps (including Crash, Backlot, and Crossfire), and that it will in fact have dedicated servers.

For the moment, though, the only way to get your hands it is to prepurchase the Legacy Edition of Infinite Warfare before it comes out on November 4th.

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