Nostalrius Has Announced their Announcement

The Nostalrius saga continues. In a long line of announcing an announcement, and then the actual announcement being inconsequential at best, Nostalrius has given us a fairly meager situation report.

Their meeting with Blizzard has been scheduled, but hasn’t actually happened yet. I suppose it was naive for anyone (myself included) to think that the meeting would happen this quickly. Nostalrius likely only approached Blizzard after their comments on the matter. We’re probably still a few weeks off from the meeting happening, which means it’ll be at least a few weeks until we were hear where this whole situation goes.

Nostalrius is also appointing themselves ambassadors of the legacy servers “movement,” and will be carrying the community’s voice to Blizzard. I can imagine nobody better suited for the job, but I’m not convinced that a movement even needs to exist. You can push Blizzard all you want, but if they think that getting official legacy servers up and running is too much effort, then I doubt they’d budge that easily. More power to Nostalrius for trying, though. Maybe they can help Blizzard to see that the community interest outweighs their trepidation on the matter.

I suppose the biggest announcement here is that the source code won’t actually be released. Their reasoning for this is two part. Firstly, they don’t want to run the risk of hackers being able to reverse engineer their anti-cheat. They also want to reserve the possibility that at some point  in the future (fingers-crossed), the Nostalrius source will be of some use to Blizzard themselves. This is probably for the best; it’ll preserve the private server in the event its ever allowed to get up and running again.

The Nostalrius team, however, will be releasing another source code: a tool they’ve used to replay sequences in the game, which is how they’ve created most of the videos they’ve released.

So yeah; it’s safe to say that this is a mere pit stop is the grand Nostalrius saga. I doubt it’ll end here, and who knows, maybe the meeting will be a monuments moment in the long road to legacy World of Warcraft servers.

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