Grim Dawn

You Can Now Have Your Way With Grim Dawn; Mod Tools Are Out

Ever dream of creating a spell that fires off countless Macho Man Randy Savages like a machine gun? Well, now thanks to Grim Dawn’s mod tools, all that and more is possible.

Actually, creating a Macho Man spell seems to be the least of possibilities. You now have access to everything that helped to make Grim Dawn a reality, meaning you too can make your dreams a reality, however sick and twisted they may be.

Sharing them with other people, however, might require some effort. As of now, the game supports mod tools, but not Steam workshop. You’ll have to find and share your mods the old fashioned way, with two cans and a string. Or, more precisely, Grim Dawn Nexus.

There you can find exciting mods such as GrimCam, which lets you move the camera in new and exciting ways, like up and down. Then there’s the Thundaja the Druid build for Shaman/Arcanist. Finally, we have the GDStash mod, an external tool to let you transfer items about.

Yes, at the moment, Nexus features all of three mods, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will Grim Dawn’s Hello Kitty total conversion mod. While Grim Dawn Nexus might one day be a good mod repository, for the moment, the modding forums at the official Grim Dawn site might be a better place to see what people are up to.

We have the tool now, though, and the next step is actually using them to create something worthwhile. That could take anywhere between 6 hours and 6 years if I know my modding scene.

Mod Tools aren’t where Grim Dawn ends, though. Official support continues onward. As previously announced, Grim Dawn will also be receiving a free content update, The Hidden Path. So even if modding isn’t your thing, there official updates to look forward to while we wait for modders to tear the game down and rebuild it in their sick images.

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