The New Deus Ex Trailer Features a Buttload of Adam Jensen

The New Deus Ex Trailer Features a Buttload of Adam Jensen

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There’s a new Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer. Well, it’s really more like a 6-minute long short film, featuring an awful lot of Adam Jensen’s gravely godsend of a voice.

The trailer demonstrates both Jensen’s augment abilities, and the ways in which you can go about missions. Go in guns blazing and wreak that havoc, go in silently and undetected crawling about on your hands and knees, or play it completely non-lethal like Batman. Maim, not kill. The trailer also implies that the actions you take might have consequences, with a storefront flipping between different versions, presumably based upon how poorly the corresponding mission went. The game’s also looking really good, minus the lip syncing. That’s blatantly off. I can’t see it remaining that poor once the game is out. Or here’s hoping.

Honestly, though, the trailer itself is really cleverly done. These type of “features” trailers aren’t uncommon, but most of the time they come off as really stilted, featuring a narrator that seems to be trying to sell you the game really hard. How about that new game smell? Don’t you love it? Oh it smells so good, doesn’t it? Whereas this trailer comes off much more naturally, thanks to having the game’s protagonist be the narrator, and having it be almost “in-universe,” and doesn’t necessary seem aware that it’s a trailer. It’s almost like a vidlog from Jensen, or an entry in his diary with “I never asked for this,” scribbled all over the margins.

It might seem like I’m nitpicking little details, but it’s the difference between me rolling my eyes at a 6-minute trailer, and actually coming out of it more interested in the game.

Unfortunately, though, we still have four months to wait before Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is out on August 23rd.


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