Dark Souls 3 Version 1.06 Coming Tomorrow

Dark Souls 3 Version 1.06 Coming Tomorrow

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The second major patch for Dark Souls 3, version 1.06, drops tomorrow. Like the last one, though, the patch notes are pretty sparse.

Main Adjustements:

  • The range of the matching level of the Blade of the Darkmoon and the Blue Sentinels have been adjusted.
  • The efficiency of the following categories has been adjusted: Short Sword, Twinsword and Magic.
  • Other game balance improvement and bug fixes.

Yup; those are the notes. They’re short, yes, but I think this is more of an issue with From Software not being thorough with their patch notes . Magic having its efficiency adjusted is a pretty big in scope, but you wouldn’t know by reading that tidbit. We don’t know (and probably won’t until we discover for ourselves) whether the each spell requires less stamina and/or FP, or if all spells across the board now require 20% less FP to cast. Let’s just hope by adjusted efficiency, it doesn’t mean it’s making them less efficient. Magic in Dark Souls 3 is already kind of meh, but From Software’s always been pretty good about balance. Not necessarily noting their balance changes, but the changes themselves, are usually good.

No mention of PC performance improvements, though. That’s not to say there won’t be some improvements. The game seemed to run better after the last patch, so let’s hope version 1.06 continues the upward trend. There’s still a tendency for random framerate drops. The game will sometimes decide that it wants to run at 30 fps instead of 60 for no obvious reason. On the plus side – most of the crash issues seem to have been taken care of at this point, though.

On the negative side – a lot of users are reporting being banned from online play despite not having cheated. Until those issues have been solved, it might be a good idea to tread carefully. Try not to use any overlays, or any graphic injectors while playing Dark Souls 3. Also don’t cheat, because that’ll probably get you banned, too.

The game itself is great, though, but I think anyone playing it already knows that. I’m getting closer the end, and already I’m looking forward to more play throughs, as well as new game plus. Dark Souls 2 came and went for me, but this one feels like it’s longer lasting. Bring on the DLC, too.

Now excuse me while I go take care of the Dancer of the Boreal Valley.


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