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Gamespot is Telling The Story of Overwatch

Over the last couple days, Gamespot’s been telling The Story of Overwatch in a 3-part video series. As of today, the first and second parts have aired, with the final one coming tomorrow.

The first part, The Fall of Titan, is especially interesting, more so if you’re someone who’s followed that game for the past few years, what little there’s been to actually follow, mostly rumor and speculation. It makes perfect sense that Overwatch is a smaller, more focused effort from Blizzard. They spent the better part of seven years trying to craft something only to have to fail on them. One day maybe they’ll shine the light on Titan and we’ll get to see what the game was, and what it has in common with Overwatch, but that moment is still a fair ways away, I’m sure. Just from a marketing perspective, it would be really silly to shift any focus away from Overwatch on the eve of its release, but I do hope that one day a light gets shined on Titan. Then when Overwatch becomes hugely successful and in ten years World of Overwatch gets made, we’ll know all the ways in which Blizzard went full circle.

The second part of the series, Return of the 90s Shooter, gives insight into the inspirations that Blizzard drew from, as if they weren’t readily apparent just from playing – or even watching Overwatch, but it’s cool to see the team talk about some of their design philosophies and the amount of research that went into creating what is basically Blizzard’s first FPS. That’s not counting Titan, which was rumored to be an FPS, too. So in a way, you could almost consider Titan a 7-year warm up for Overwatch. It’s no surprise that the game plays so well.

Overall, The Story of Overwatch has been a pretty great watch, and you can definitely see both the passion behind Blizzard, despite their mammoth size in the industry, and the amount of effort Gamespot’s Danny O’Dwyer put into making the series.

As said, part three will show up on Youtube tomorrow at some point.

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