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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Delayed Slightly, from May 24th to June 7th

On the eve of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s closed beta, EA DICE has announced that they’re pushing the release date for the game back a couple weeks. The new date is June 7th.

They’re blaming the delay the game’s online features to ensure they’re working  perfectly out of the game. The team evidently wants to give themselves plenty of time to react to the feedback from beta test over the next few weeks.

Invites for the beta begin rolling out tomorrow and the next day, so we’ll know soon enough just what this “brand new” online technology they’re touting involves. I’m not much of a fan of useless online features in games that should otherwise be a solo experience. The last single player game I can remember having fun with in terms of online features is Sleeping Dogs. That game ranked you against your friends in virtually everything, and it ended up being pretty enjoyable to try to beat a friend’s score.

I can only assume Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is doing something similar. I guess if the game is tied too directly to its online connectivity, and connection issues cause performance problems, then I can see why they’d want to delay the game to make sure there aren’t too many people having issues playing their single player game thanks to online issues.

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