Play Hearthstone Next Week to Snag Yourself 13 Free Card Packs

During a live stream today of the new Hearthstone expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, game designer Ben Brode revealed that once the expansion goes live next week, players would be able to earn up to 13 free card packs for the new expansion just by playing the game.

We’ve known for a while now that anyone who logs onto Hearthstone after the expansion launch would automatically get 3 card packs for free. After you’ve grabbed those, though, a new quest will show up in the Hearthstone quest log (assuming you have room; if not the quest will show up after you’ve completed a previous one) tasking you to win 2 games in Hearthstone’s new Standard mode. Once you do that, you’ll be given 5 more packs, and at that point, another quest will show up to win 7 more games for another 5 packs. So all in all, playing the game once the expansion is out will grant you a total of 13 free card packs.

Ben Brode didn’t clarify if the quests would be temporarily available, but that’s a pretty sure bet, I think. Once you have them, though, they’ll remain in your quest log until you’ve completed them.

Offering this many cards is unprecedented in Hearthstone; maybe Blizzard have heard the criticism that the game can be pretty tough on new players who don’t want to shell out money in order to catch up. The act could also been seen as an apology for how stagnant the game’s been for the last few months as Blizzard prepares for the expansion as well as the shift in Hearthstone formats. Either way, it’s 1300 gold worth of card packs just for playing the game. Pretty nifty no matter how you spin it.

The full 1-hour Twitch stream is now archived. Caster Dan “Frodan” Chou joined Ben Brode to play a set of four matches, showing off a bunch of Whispers of the Old Gods cards in the process.

Blizzard also unloaded the remaining cards from the expansion on the Hearthstone Facebook page. So feel free to peruse all of those and perhaps salivate in the process, or scorn in disgust at some of the worse cards in the set.

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