Don’t Starve Together Has Left Early Access, So Grab Your Friends and Starve

After spending nearly a year and a half in early access, Don’t Starve Together is now officially out. There’s no better time to grab a friend (or a dozen) and die painfully as you run out of food, then begin to steal from each other, then begin to stab each other in the back until only a frail remnant of humanity remains in each and every one of you.

To commemorate the milestone, there’s a new trailer for the game. Klei’s games have always had a great style to them, and Don’t Starve is no different.

My friends and I return to the game now and again and usually die horribly once winter rolls around. In fact, the game basically hinges around preparing as best as possible for winter and hoping you make it to the other side. “Surviving,” outside of winter has always been mostly a breeze, unless you walk into a sorry situation and get yourself killed, but if you don’t spend those easy days preparing for the hard ones, then you’re as good as dead, together or not.

The game’s support doesn’t end here, though. Now that the game is “done,” sort of, Klei Entertainment can start focusing on the expansion they’ve had planned for a while now, Through the Ages. That will focus of evolving the world more as time goes by and adding more variation to the different worlds in the game.

Meanwhile, the original Don’t Starve received another expansion, Shipwrecked. Klei has no concrete plans to bring Shipwrecked to Don’t Starve Together. That expansion was created with single player in mind, and they have to take time to decide if bringing it over to Don’t Starve Together is worth the effort.

So while the game may be out of Early Access, work on it continues.

As for the PS4 version? That’s coming, too, eventually.

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