Devoler Digital Takes to this Week’s Humble Bundle

Devoler Digital Takes to this Week’s Humble Bundle

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Devolver Digital publishes games, and normally they’re good games, and this week, they’re good games in a Humble Bundle.

Well, I guess if there was any criticism for this bundle, it would be that it doesn’t feature any of Devolver Digital’s hit games, but there are still some games to be added next week, though.

For the moment what we haven’t isn’t bad. In fact, it’s quite good.

For a $1, you’ll get A Fistful of Gun, a Western themed shoot ’em up, with delightful pixel graphics and a lot of replay.

RONIN is a turn-based action platformer. You’re a girl in a motorcycle helmet waging a war against a powerful cooperation.

Gods Will Be Watching is a simple point-and-click adventure game, wherein you lead people through despair and misery and try not to hate yourself in the process.

Not a bad three games, not at all. They’ve all been on my radar since they came out.

Moving on, though, beating the average of $4.19, add to the bundle three more games, and a coupon!

Including a copy of NOT A HERO, a goofy shooter. You’re Steve, a former professional assassin, who is now a Campaign manager for a mayoral candidate named BunnyLord. You’re gonna have to play if you wanna know more.

Shadow Warrior, is a badass reboot of a badass game from the 90s. It’s technically a shooter, but what you really should be doing is slicing up demons with a sword. Trust me on this, I know.

Lastly, Dropsy, a weird-ass adventure game where you play a clown who is either mentally challenged or just secretly brilliant. I can’t tell.

There’s also a 50% off coupon for The Talos Principle. I’ve seen the game cheaper through Steam, though, multiple times. So I’d probably not buy this bundle for the coupon.

Finally, for ten whole dollars, you can get all of the above, as well as copies of Titan Souls and Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star.

The first one, Titan Souls, might be a tough sell. It’s kind of a Boss Rush game. You need to kill titans. How? With an arrow. Miss the arrow and you must go retrieve it. You can also roll to avoid death. That’s basically the game.

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star is a sequel to the cult hit Hatoful Boyfriend. Only this time it’s holiday themed. Who doesn’t want to spend a holiday with their bird boyfriends?

That’s the bundle. Or at least, the bundle as it stands now. More games will be added next week, but for the moment, what you see is what you get.

And what you get ain’t half bad. Not at all. In fact, for $10, you could probably do much much worse. You could easily lose that much money in the couch cushions.


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