Guild Wars 2's Spring UPdate

Guild Wars 2’s Spring Update Landed Today

Heart of Thorns launched August of last year, and according to what Mike O’Brien is saying in today’s blog post, Guild Wars 2’s Spring Update is almost like them taking another crack at the expansion, righting a lot of the wrongs and issues that have plagued the expansion over the last 8 months.

To sum it up in a word: rewards. With the spring update, rewards are easier to obtain, through both Heart of Thorns content as well as the game’s often neglected dungeons. Whatever you do in Guild Wars 2, the team at Arenanet wants you to be rewarded for it, and rewarded well, and rewarded frequently. They probably could’ve just called this the Spring Reward Update, because that’s mostly what it is. They even increased XP Gains from all max-level creatures. They’re even giving all players, new and old, a max level character boost to get to those Heart of Thorns maps and end game dungeons more quickly. Then there are the WvW changes, which has been in sort of a sorry state since the expansion launch. Fractals also saw some love. In fact, it seems like virtually all aspects of the game saw a pretty decent amount of love. You might as go as to call it one big love-fest.

The blog post really only touches on the changes. To get the full story, you’re gonna have to read the patch notes, all 30-pages of them. Or better yet, you could log on and check out all the changes yourself.

The last few month for the game have been interesting to say the least. Colin Johanson, the original game director, left earlier this year. There was that big hoopla about further legendary weapons ceasing development. Content in general has come slowly to the game while a large portion of the team has been cranking away at the second expansion.

But it seems like with Guild Wars 2’s Spring Update, the game’s back on the right track.

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