Dark Souls the Board Game

Dark Souls Moving From the Digital Front to the Board Game Front

A Dark Souls Board Game is being Kickstarted, and guess what, it’s already funded. How long did that take? Oh, about three minutes.

Now the campaign has climbed to 220k and is moving up from there… rapidly.

Dark Souls The Board Game is a 1-4 player exploration game focused on combat. “Players choose from a number of core character classes and explore dangerous locations full of monsters, treasures, and deadly boss fights.” The game came with the Knight, Warrior, Herald, and Assassin as playable characters, but Pyromancer and Hunter are stretch goals that have already been met.

What’s perhaps even more interesting is the fact that the campaign only has three pledge rewards. The early bird one, which is already sold out, the regular reward, and a reward specifically for retailers to pledge and receive multiple copies of the game in return. A proof of business authenticity will be required for that one. The entire campaign seems to cater to retail stores, and not necessarily board gamers who might be inclined to back the project.

Which brings us to the stretch goals. All the current ones have already been met, including a stretch goal featuring a boss addon specifically for retailers that won’t be available to general backers, and must be purchased either online or through retail stores. Steamforged, the makers of the board game, must understand the controversy such a decision might make, and they’ve already posted an update detailing their rational a bit more.

It definitely reminds people that when you’re kickstarting something, you’re not prepurchasing it, you’re donating money in order to see something get made, and then receiving the completed product as a thank you, and honestly it makes sense for them to cater toward retail stores specifically, especially when considering that this is a physical product, and not a digital game. You’re still getting the board game significantly cheaper by backing the project, and any other “non-addon” stretch goal will be included with the pledge.

And if you’re worried that Dark Souls might not translate well to board game form, there’s a sample demo of a boss fight, to give you an idea of what you’re in for.

They seem to do a decent job of translating the kind of risk you have to take by spending stamina in the video game. If there’s any criticism it’s that skillful timing in the video game is translated to dice rolls in the board game, but you still have to think strategically, as the warrior int he demo learned the painful way.

More stretch goals will be added tomorrow, since Dark Souls The Board Game already smashed the ones that were there, and is now nearing 260k in funding.

Seems like people are just as interested in dying in a board game as they are a video game.


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