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Bioshock Mastermind Ken Levine Helming a Twilight Zone Interactive Movie

Ken Levine’s been quietly toiling away at something with his small team at 2K Games. That’s still a work in progress, unannounced and unknown. This Twilight Zone project is something the developer is doing on the side.

The project is still in its infancy, but the gist is this: Ken Levine has signed on with Interlude, who created a technology for interactive movies. They approached Levine, said the magical words “Twilight Zone,” and the developer couldn’t say no. He grew up with Twilight Zone, and you can plainly see the imprint of that in the Bioshock games. Now he’s writing and directing a Twilight Zone interactive film.

This is still very much a movie, from what the Wired article says, but you’ll be able to choose what characters do, and perhaps have an impact on how it ends.

Interlude itself has been growing pretty impressively, signing on a lot of talent to send the interactive movie technology the company created through its paces.

The concept itself is really interesting, and Her Story saw lots of success doing something similar. It’s no surprise that Her Story’s Sam Barlow is creating a WarGames short for the company.

As said, the project is still in its infancy, and only principle writing has begun. There’s good chance we’ll see whatever Ken Levine is working on for 2K Games before we see what this ends up being. Then we have the Logan’s Run screenplay  Levine is presumably still working on, even though we haven’t heard much about that project in a while. He sure seems to keep busy, though.

In the meantime, maybe it’s time for another Bioshock playthrough.


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