Doom 3: Redux

Doom 3: Redux Graphical Overhaul Mod Released

The latest Doom hasn’t met universal acceptance, but neither did Doom 3, primarily because it turned the successful formula from the first two games into a survival horror shooter, but still, it was well received, and it did well.

Doom 3’s aging, though, released almost 12 years ago. One might say that it’s in dire need of a redux. Well, wait no further, because that’s just what its received, in mod form, and unlike Doom 3: BFG Edition, the gameplay of Doom 3 remains unchanged. Bust out those flashlights, boys. For the moment, Doom 3: Redux only works for the base Doom 3 game, and not the Resurrection of Evil expansion.

The 0.95 version of the mod already features a hefty list of changes, and the mod’s author says that work will continue past the 1.0 release.

So what’s there to look forward to in Doom 3: Redux?

  • No gameplay changes.
  • 600+ High Resolution textures with proper normal and specular maps.
  • Complete lighting overhaul trought a custom version of Sikkmod.
  • Improved sound design for weapons, audio logs, cutscenes and monsters.
  • High resolution UI, fonts and loading screens.
  • Native support of all Widescreen resolutions up to 4K.
  • Restored cut content. (Dialogs and textures along with hundred of sounds from the E3 2002 alpha)
  • Adds a bunch of graphical options which you couldn’t configure in the vanilla options menu like textures resolution, FXAA, anisotropic filtering, motion blur, Field of View, screen blood and an improved version of the Sikkmod’s frost effect.

The screenshots look especially spiffy, especially when compared to the original. Doom 3: Redux

Doom 3: Redux

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