Paragon: Epic Updates Us With the State of the Game

Now I realize I wasn’t super nice to Paragon when it originally entered early access, but as with any game in early access, it’s going to grow and evolve. Now that the first month of early access has came and went, Epic Games has updated us on the state of the game.

I’m an eternal optimist, so while I didn’t think Paragon was anything to write home about, it’s great to see that it’s getting some traction all things considered. I want nothing more than to see Paragon reach its fullest potential, and hey, progress has been made. One of the issues I touched was how slow the game felt. Well they’ll be increasing movement speed, but Epic didn’t say anything about how much, and I think movement speed is only part of the reason the game feels so slow. I also took issue with some of the uninspired character design for most the heroes. Coincidentally, the next one that came out, Sevarog, has a pretty cool look to him.


And the pair coming to the game next week, Iggy and Scorch, are also headed in the right direction in terms of interesting design. I’m hoping they’d considering going back and giving some of the other heroes some visual love.


Epic also says they’ll planning to roll out some “deep dive” blogs to help shed some light on different aspects of the game:

  • Matchmaking
  • Movement Speed
  • Explaining the Card System
  • Toxicity
  • Hero Balance Philosophy
  • And Moar!

They’ll also be hosting some free weekends for anyone who’s signed up for the beta but isn’t quite willing to shell out any money for the game. So it seems like the chance might come soon for you, too, to give the game a whirl.

I still don’t think Paragon is great, but I also don’t think there are many games that have come out in early access and are great. But it’s a long road before the game’s done, and it seems as though Paragon’s actually headed in the right direction.

Cool beans, yo.

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