Blizzard Shines the Spotlight on Tracer for HotS

Overwatch’s Tracer makes her way to Heroes of the Storm on April 19th for those who prepurchased the Origins Edition of Overwatch through the Blizzard Store, and a week later on the 26th for everyone else. Personally I’ve thought Heroes of the Storm was in dire need for a spunky Brit for some time now, so sign me up.

As they do with all the new heroes, Blizzard has released a spotlight video showing of all Tracer’s tricks.

She’s going to have a high skill ceiling, that’s for sure. In the right hands, she’ll be a force to be reckoned with. In poor ones, though, she’ll die before she can do much of anything at all. On top of that, she’s got some pretty unique mechanics and design for a Heroes of the Storm character. She’s the first hero that can perform basic attacks on the move, and she only has one ultimate ability that’s available from level one. She’s easily going to be one of the best harassers in the game.

They seem to have done a pretty great job of transferring the character from Overwatch. She seems to play pretty much identically, although I can see there being a transitional phase if you go back and forth between the two games, since her hotkeys are different, but for Blizzard to make them uniform between both games would’ve been quite unlikely.

That’s one Overwatch character down, though, and 20 to go. I bet they’ll all translate pretty awesomely to Heroes of the Storm, too.

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