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Oh Yeah, Doom’s Open Beta is This Weekend, Too

Well, this might be a record weekend. In addition to all the other stuff that’s free to check out this weekend, we also have the Doom open beta.

For those who aren’t keeping score, or have lost track at this point. This weekend has a veritable armada of games having open betas, free weekends, or stress tests. We’ve got the the Battleborn open beta, which I’ve played a fair amount of,  the Rainbow Six: Siege free weekend, which I’ve barely touched, and the stress test for Overwatch stress test, which I’ve sunk quite some time into. The stress test is invite only, and if the server issues are any indication, Blizzard seems to have allowed quite a few people.

In addition to all that, there’s the Doom open beta, which seems to be the most criticized of them all and is currently mostly negative on Steam. Whether the hate toward the game is warranted, who knows? I think any Doom game that were to come out today would see a fair amount of flack. I’ve played a few rounds on it, and the game seems… fine, I guess? It doesn’t really do anything to impress, well at least outside of the graphics. Doom certainly looks good, even if the beta has advanced PC options disabled. Most weapons feel relatively underpowered. It takes a good three rockets to kill someone, but a shotgun to the face will usually do the trick. The demon pick up seems ridiculously strong, allowing one player to lay waste to the other team for the duration.

Then we have people saying they’re not buying the game due to the season pass, which offers up maps for a price, threatening to split the community between those who’ve forked over the $15 and those who haven’t. It sucks that virtually all AAA online shooters have gone this route, and if you’re willing to resist buying a game you’d otherwise like due to DLC practices, then more power to you. Just know that it’s unlikely to make a lick of difference in the end.

Unless you’re somehow able to gather together a few million friends to join you.

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