Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX Out Now on Steam

One by one, all of the Final Fantasy games will eventually make their way to the PC. This time around, it’s Final Fantasy IX.

The sixteen-year-old game is now live on Steam, released stealthily, like the ninja that it is. Its full price is $20.99, but for the next week, it’s 20% off at $16.79.

More importantly than its release, however, is the quality of the port. It seems like a total toss up these days which PC games will release in an unbroken state. For as many that come out issue-free, there are disasters to go along with it.

Final Fantasy IX, it seems, does gets the job done of making its way over the PC. The word on the street – or Steam User Reviews more precisely – is that it runs pretty well and looks pretty good, considering the fact this version of the game is based off the mobile version of a nearly two decade old game. Some users are reporting controller issues, and evidently it’s got a bit too much in common with the mobile version. The vast majority, however, seems pleased with the port, and its HD-ification.

If anything, we can use these older Final Fantasy games as a metric to gauge how well Square Enix might eventually bring Final Fantasy XV to the PC. I’m pretty confident it’ll make it here at some point. Director Hajime Tabata did that recently that if (hypothetically) FFXV comes to the PC, he’d want to do a vastly superior game – technically. That in and of itself would mean it might be months if not years – and not weeks – before we see the fifteenth entry to the series on PC.

In the meantime, at least we’ve got these slow trickle of older games to occupy us.


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