Watch Some Mirror’s Edge Catalyst; Beta on the 22nd

Watch Some Mirror’s Edge Catalyst; Beta on the 22nd

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a mere six weeks away, and that’s probably why there was a nice dump of information today.

First off: the beta for the game starts on the 22nd (and the 23rd). EA’s doing an annoying thing where people who’ve signed up for what’s basically the Mirror’s Edge newsletter can play the beta a day early, assuming they get in, of course. Everyone else gets into the beta a day later. Tests will be able to play a limited amount of the game, mainly a couple of the main missions, a few side missions, and some optional content. EA isn’t too specific about how much of the open world will be available for you to parkour around in. Guess we’ll have to wait and see on that front.

In other news, IGN has the first 12 minutes of the game:

The art direction, gameplay, and sound design all look great. Too bad the rest of it seems a little suspect. DICE seems to have gotten it their heads that a great way to build conflict, or “drama,” is to have characters just be mean to each other. This was especially evident in Battlefield 4. That was almost an entire game of people bickering. By the time the end came, it was hard to care about any of them. I worry Mirror’s Edge Catalyst might follow the same design. Here we have random fascist police being assholes to Faith, and then Faith being an asshole to the new runner-guy. Hopefully this isn’t indicative of the game as a whole, and hopefully if it is it doesn’t drag down the awesome-looking gameplay too much in the process. DICE already proved they can show people having other emotions with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, so let’s hope they remember that themselves.


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