Rainbow Six: Siege added to the List of Games That Are Free to Play this Weekend

Rainbow Six: Siege added to the List of Games That Are Free to Play this Weekend

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It’s an interesting weekend; that’s for sure. Overwatch is having an invite-only stress test, Battleborn is having an open beta, and now Rainbow Six Siege is having a free weekend. Shoot all the things, I guess?

At least it’s fair to say if you’re not lucky enough to get into the Overwatch stress test, you’l have something else to occupy yourself with, assuming it’s not Dark Souls 3.

Rainbow Six Siege is free to play right this second until the 17th. It’s also 33% off this weekend (40% of for the gold edition). The open beta for Battleborn is currently ongoing, and Overwatch’s stress test begins tomorrow.

Whew, talk about a choice overload. I haven’t personally played Rainbow Six: Siege, so I can’t comment on whether you should, but I have given Battleborn and Overwatch a good whirl.

As a side note, Ubisoft let us know about the free weekend through a blog post that also reminded everyone that the Pro League finals would commence later this month. So if Rainbow Six: Siege gets its hooks in you, it’s almost time to watch some pros battle over $100,000 in prize money.

What are you playing this weekend? I understand the correct answer is most likely Dark Souls 3 (with maybe Ratchet & Clank as a close runner up), but for anyone else who’s on a tight budget who can’t buy all the games the moment they come out, at least you can taste the Rainbow Six: Siege, Battleborn, or potentially Overwatch.


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