Sega is Not Only Putting the War in Warhammer, But Also DLC

Total War: Warhammer, or as I like to call it: Warhammer: Total War (Or Better Yet, Total War: Hammer), hits shelves in about a month and a half, so of course now’s the time for Sega to reveal their DLC plans for the game.

Of course Total War: Warhammer will likely launch with a treasure trove of bugs and poor optimization, as is the trend for Creative Assembly these days, but as the developer is taking the time to finish they game, they’ll also be releasing a wide array of free and paid DLC. They’ll also sure to make sure we remember that this game is the start of trilogy.

What can we expect to see as the year unfolds? Their free DLC plan culminates near the end of 2016 with a new playable race for the game, but in addition to that, expect new units, heroes, and legendary lords, as well as magic lores for the spellcasters in the game.

As for paid DLC, their plans aren’t set in stone, but Sega has given us a good idea of what to expect as Warhammer’s support continues. Their plans are three faceted. We’ve got Lord Packs, Race Packs, and Campaign Packs. Much like the Free DLC, Lord Packs will contain a legendary lord, as well as supporting units for existing races. Race packs will add, surprisingly (I know) a new playable race, featuring all that’s found in the existing races, from legendary lords to units to heroes. Campaign packs are like bigger race packs. They not only include a new race, but also a challenge campaign that’s based on an event from existing lore. Like that one time the orc girl and human boy fell in love, only their families didn’t abide by such a union, and the pair ended up killing themselves.

Sega, and Creative Assembly, must have a lot riding on this game, especially if they hope to make a trilogy out of it. So it’ll be in their best interest for it to launch in a better state than the past few Total War games.

Here’s to hoping it surpasses expectations and that they can eventually make a Warhammer: 40:000k Total War game.

Only then will I be truly excited.


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