Titanfall 2 Teaser: By Golly That Titan’s Holding a Sword

Titanfall 2 Teaser: By Golly That Titan’s Holding a Sword

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EA has shown off the first bits of footage of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2, with a full reveal coming June 12th. Maybe they’ve jumped the gun… slightly. Two months is an awful long tease. In other circles a tease that long would be considered torture. I suspect EA won’t be showing much more of the game – if anything at all – until E3 rolls around this year. So expect to forget all about this trailer by the time we see the game in action again. But hey, at least it would appear that titans this time around will come equipped with swords. That’s a pretty big feature to reveal in a teaser.

The 50-second glimpse seems to be in-engine, so we have a pretty good idea of the graphical fidelity that Respawn is aiming for with Titanfall 2. As for the sword, melee weapons were always something the community wanted for the game, so it’s nice to see that Respawn has most likely heard the requests and will allow pilots to chop each other up into little bitty pieces.

Other details for the game have been trickling out for a while now. We’ve known that unlike the first Titanfall, the sequel will feature a single player campaign and maybe even a TV show.

Unlike its predecessor, Titanfall 2 will be cross platform and will arrive on the PS4, as well as the Xbox One and PC. Back in January, an EA earnings call revealed that the current release window for Titanfall 2 is somewhere between October of this year and April of next. Like any date in this or any other industry, that’s subject to change.

Still, the first Titanfall built a great foundation, and it’ll be nice to see the ways in which Respawn will be building upon that for Titanfall 2.


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