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What Say the Critics About Ratchet & Clank

What a world we’re living in. There’s a new Ratchet & Clank game that’s not only a reboot, but also a movie tie-in for a film that’s coming out in a few weeks. And get this? The game is evidently awesome.

Ratchet & Clank has somehow avoided the stigma of both reboots and movie tie-ins. That might be a first. I guess it does help that Insomniac is still at the helm. Ratchet & Clank is technically their baby, so I guess it was a fairly fair assumption that this new one wouldn’t be a straight-up travesty, but to expect it to be getting nearly universal acclaim from critics is quite the pleasant surprise.

Most seem to be giving it at least a 9/10, but there are a few dropping below that rating. The consensus is that there are a few modern improvements to the formula, but for the most part, it’s classic Ratchet & Clank. The game’s sitting at about an 86 average on Metacritic, and an 87 on Opencritic. So it’s not exactly the best received Ratchet & Clank game, but it’s definitely up there. It’s tough to compare the ratings of games that existed prior to the advent of all the reviewer aggregation mumbo jumbo.

3D Platformers such as this aren’t exactly in vogue, but it’s nice to see that the good ones are still getting plenty of love.

Now if somehow the movie is as good as the game, then that’ll be something. Rainmaker is animating that, who previously created the CGI series Reboot. See how it all comes full circle? The studio that made the original Reboot is helping to reboot Ratchet & Clank while simultaneously working on their own reboot of Reboot.

My brain hurts.

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    Kinda random, but your OpenCritic link actually points to Metacritic as well 😛